Rhema International Ministries was birthed into the spirit and heart of Pastor Scott T. Sanders in 2001, while he was on a 10 month career assignment in Huntingdon, England, UK. Upon returning to the states, Pastor Sanders continued to faithfully serve his Pastor, Bishop Stewart Reese, Jr. at Bethesda Cathedral in Decatur, Georgia. The vision was set in motion once Bishop Reese recommended Pastor Sanders to start a church in the city of Albany, Georgia. Pastor Sanders was installed as Pastor with a great celebration on October 4, 2003.

 Services for the new ministry were held in the Holiday Inn from its inception until July 2004. The membership outgrew the confines of the hotel and moved to a church building on the east side of Albany. In May of 2005, the Lord allowed the ministry to purchase the 9.5 acres on Oakridge Drive. This was a great accomplishment for such a small congregation in a short period of time. Pastor Sanders began to rehearse in the ears of the members, "We're going to Oakridge"! In October 2005, Rhema moved to a small building on Oakridge, but that was not the "Promised Land".

 The ministry continued to shift and grow as our current facility was being built. We celebrated the Grand Opening of our new location on August 30, 2009 with an exuberant march from the old location. In December of 2010, the church acquired another 12 acres of land; increasing the church property to 22 acres. The church continued to grow and pay down the debt of the new building. In 2012, Pastor Sanders declared that the church would pay off the balance of the mortgage that year which included all property and the new building. On December 2, 2012, the church became totally debt free. This is just the beginning!