Scott T. Sanders, Pastor

Pastor Scott T. Sanders Bio

Pastor Scott T. Sanders is the Pastor and Founder of Rhema International Ministries, Inc. He founded the ministry in 2003 and the Lord has made it very clear that he is a chosen vessel for this generation.  Pastor Sanders has been married to Cynthia R. Sanders since August 3, 1991 and is the father to their two sons, Scott II (Ty) and Justin.

Rhema International Ministries has reached several milestones under Pastor Sanders’ leadership. In 2005 the church purchases 9.5 acres and in 2009 the first sanctuary was erected. In 2010, the church purchased an additional 12 acres of land adjacent to the church. In 2012, the church cancelled the entire mortgage and land debt and is currently "Debt Free”.


Pastor Sanders has many accomplishments in corporate and religious environments.  As a corporate leader for 10 years he held managerial positions within the telecommunications industry having local, regional and international operations responsibilities. 


Pastor Sanders is a dynamic preacher and teacher who proclaim the almost-too-good-to-be-true news of the Gospel. His messages and teaching series are full of revelation and are geared to break religious traditions and transform minds so that the body of Christ can manifest God’s glory. You can hear Pastor each weekday on WJYZ 960AM at 11:30am. Pastor Sanders is also the founder and president of the STS Bible Institute which specializes in teaching foundational truths to leaders, ministers and laymen giving them a stronger foundation for ministry.


Pastor Sanders received his Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.  Pastor Sanders also received his Bachelors and Masters of Science Degrees from Ball State University. 


Pastor Scott T. Sanders’ personal mission statement reads:

My intention in life is to use my Preaching, Teaching and Leadership gifts to win lost souls to Christ and to inspire and equip individuals to fulfill their life’s calling.



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